Mix and Match Endless Possibilities

There are times when I do my makeup and I have in mind a lipstick shade that would perfectly complete my look, but I don’t have that colour in my kit. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette allows you to mix your own custom lipstick shade with the help of 5 primary colours and 13 various shades.

To a non-professional, the palette can be a bit overwhelming and I had to look to Instagram and Youtube for some inspiration when testing it out. Anastasia’s Instagram page posts a bunch of demonstrations from professional makeup artists which makes it easier to put the palette into use.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, mixing plate and lip brush.

It is important to start simple when mixing lipstick shades and to try and stay within the same colour family. For example, I first tried a light nude shade with the Primary Yellow shade and it did not work at all. The yellow became very prominent in the mix and it did not look good on my lips.

It is also important to first mix and test the colour on another surface such as the mixing palette that Anastasia has provided with their product. Once the product touches your lips it will be harder to blend and mix colours together.

When choosing to experiment with a lip palette and colour mixing it is important to know that anything is fair game and you can’t be afraid to get creative! Creativity is the most vital part of creating custom shades.

After testing this palette, I can honestly say that I love it! The possibilities are endless, the lipsticks themselves are moisturizing and pigmented and it stayed on my lips for more than 6 hours with eating and drinking. If you’re getting bored of your everyday lipstick shades and are looking for something fresh and new I would highly recommend this palette.

23 thoughts on “Mix and Match Endless Possibilities

  1. Zohra

    What a great post! I love Anastasia products and this is definitely a new product I will try out. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Rebecca

    I didn’t even realize they had lip products, I’m a big fan of their Brow Wiz. Will be sure to check this out – look forward to your future recommendations!

    1. kkandilas Post author

      I also am a fan of their Brow Wiz! As a brand primarily known for their eyebrow products, I have to say that their lip products are actually some of my favourites!

  3. Rachel Hall

    I have been following your blog posts, and I have to say this is my favourite one. When it comes to lipsticks, I tend to get tired of wearing the same ones over and over again. But after reading this post, I feel that this mixing palette is the answer to all of my problems! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Shelley

    Awesome blog. Could you do a blog about foundations? Wth all the ones out there it is a mystery. look forward to it.

  5. Hilary T

    This is great I hadn’t thought to buy an artists palette. Would love to see some more custom shades you mix in the future.

  6. Ryan Laird

    I don’t wear lipstick but I can see and appreciate how much knowledge you have on the subject. I would recommend this to someone who wants to know how to mix properly

  7. Ryan Huckla

    A good read on a subject I’ll have to admit I know very little about. How creative have you gone with your colour mixing?

    1. kkandilas Post author

      I haven’t stepped too far out of my comfort zone yet! The most extravagant I have gone is with a baby blue!

  8. Cassie

    I had no idea they even made lipstick palettes you could customize yourself. I may need to save up for this because I’d have a ton of fun mixing the colours together! Thank you for inspiring my creative side with this post!


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